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U Saw Han Win

U Saw Han Win

Senior Counsel

U Saw Han Win is a Senior Counsel of AMK & THIHA Myanmar Litigation Law Firm with over 35 years experiences. He concentrates primarily on Court Matters such as Civil Litigation and Criminal Litigation. Saya Saw’s key focus is the ability to build a case strongly and make arguments based on insufficient evidence that can be only available from a client relating to the case. By using great logical thinking and creative thinking, he always delivers the best outcomes to his clients. He is consistently recognized in many cited laws of the Supreme Court of Myanmar. Among his well-known cases, regarded as precedents as known as case laws at the Supreme Court of Myanmar is 1999 BLR Pg-167 and 2012 BLR Pg-301 case laws have been playing a prominent role in the legal system of Myanmar.

Saya Saw received a Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) degree from Yangon University in 1985. He started his Legal Profession Career as a Higher Grade Pleader in 1988 and became an Advocate in 1989. He handled many civil cases, criminal cases, and commercial cases and provided his clients with the best results.

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Area of Practice

Civil Litigation95%
Criminal Litigation95%
Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution95%
Banking and Finance95%
Conveyance Services in Premises Liability95%