About Us


AMK & THIHA Myanmar Litigation Law Firm is founded with experienced lawyers from various areas of dispute settlement. Our Law Firm mainly focuses on civil and criminal litigation, commercial litigation and dispute resolution that are happening or likely to happen to our local and foreign clients. For example, contractual disputes; disputes arising out of partnership agreements; shareholder agreements; acquisitions; mergers and joint ventures; disputes of intellectual property/ trademark disputes; banking; finance, securities and brokage disputes; debt recovery disputes; land disputes; land lord/ tenants disputes; breach of trust; fraud; assault and battery; detention; wrongful restraint; divorce and partition; damages and compensation; enforcement of foreign arbitral award; taxation disputes, etc.

Our royalty to a client, our attempts to yield the best results for a case by solving whether individually or making a group based on the evidence that a client can provide to us, and our measures to protect the confidential information relating to the case of a client, are accepted as our priceless dignity.

Our norms are to not make a client disappointed and to strive to achieve justice and the best result for our clients. Most people have great ideas. We implement our ideas practically and strive for success rightly.

“Client satisfaction is victory to us”

Why Us?

Business Focus

AMK & Thiha is a law firm focused exclusively on meeting the needs of business clients. Our attorneys understand the diverse legal, business and financial issues our clients face and we immerse ourselves in their businesses so that we can anticipate, manage and mitigate risks and challenges that may be on the horizon.

Client-Centered Solutions

We strive to find the best solutions to our clients’ challenges and problems. Our attorneys have a full understanding of our clients’ businesses and the complex industries in which they operate. We look at issues and problems from a business perspective and develop individualized plans that best meet our clients’ current goals and long-term objectives.

Flexible and Cost-Efficient

We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver top-tier law services in a highly cost-efficient manner. Our deep experience allows us to handle difficult and complex legal matters nimbly and efficiently. We appreciate that legal costs can be of great concern to our business clients and offer flexible billing structures and rates based on each client’s individual needs.
Client satisfaction is victory to us